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Here is a brief introduction of a spectacular trek, where you will not find many trekkers on the way. The reason is that it was explored recently. It is really a paradise for climbers having just basic knowledge of climbing. Having short stays on the way, they can climb peaks bellow or above 6000 meter high. Although no peak of Hindu Raj reaches 7000 meters, but there are several summits of great beauty and considerable interest.

The Journey starts from Islamabad, the Federal Capital of Pakistan. You will go through Indus Valleys traveling on Karakoram Highway the eighth wonder of the world. From Gilgit you will travel on Jeeps to Gotulti in Ishkoman Valley. The surrounding of the valley consists of extremely greenish alpine landscape. You will come across impressive granite wall of about 1000 meters, which is easily accessible. After two days trek you will reach Bari Lake. The whole area is summer pastures of Ishkoman people who are very friendly & helpful who will offer milk, yogurt etc. The altitude of camp would be 3850 m. You will be among numerous peaks of 6000 meters. According to prevailing rules of Ministry of Tourism, a climbing permit is required to attempt an above 6000 meters peak. However, you can climb a peak bellow 6000 meters without any permit. The trek will further continue to Darkot in Yasin Valley then to Gazin Chitral.

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