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Ghizar & Chitral

Chitral & Ghizer

Torich Mir BC Trek

The Hindukush lies beyond the reach of the monsoon and, is a deserted, arid mountain scape visited by very few. The scenic Tirich Valley is very fertile, and populated with several small villages.

A spectacular drive to Uthul takes us to the jump off point, and trekking across Zani Pass (3886m) provides excellent views of Hindukush and the Hindu Raj Ranges. Passing through the villages of Atak and Bandak, one arrives Shogor, at the foot of the Tirich Glacier. A free day will enable us to explore and will, allow for fantastic views of Tirich Mir (7708m), Istoro Nal (7403m) and heavily crevassed upper   Tirich Glacier. Visit legendary Kafir Kalash of Chitral, and the historical Khyber Pass.

Wakhan Corridor Trek

The corridor was a political creation of the Great Game. On the corridor’s north side, agreements between Britain and Russia in 1873 and between Britain and Afghanistan in 1893 effectively split the historic area of Wakhan by making the Panj and Pamir Rivers the border between Afghanistan and the Russia.

Naltar Ishkoman Pass Trek

Naltar is the famous for its greenery with Pine and Dev-Dar trees. Naltar is a hidden spot in the mountain presenting an aroma view of green valley and it is situated at 3040 m from 34 km north of Gilgit. In winter there is a competition of Skies between different Pakistan forces and local teams.

The first camp is at Naltar Lake, Lake with clear water, visible the different colors of flower at bottom. Ishkomen valleys represent its natural beauty over in the high passes and green lashed valleys rivers summer pastures. The trek from Naltar to Ishkomen gives you magnificent view of whole Hindukush Range.

Darkot and Broghil Passes Trek