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Adventure Pakistan is one of the leading tour operators in Pakistan, we offer a wide range of itineraries relating to sheer adventure, exquisite culture and thrilling special interest tours throughout the country .Our highly experienced guides, cooks, kitchen helpers, HAP’s, porters, drivers and office staff are all extremely motivated to provide you with the best of services and greatest of memories! Taking that extra step to give you an adventure beyond imagination…








Adventure Highlights

Pakistan means “Land of (the) Pure” – pure natural beauty, pure hospitality, pure food, pure culture and most of all pure adventure!

Marvel at the mightiest of mountain ranges: The Hindu Kush, the Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Pamirs. Climb K2 or trek around Nanga Parbat, visit the Baltit Fort and eat apricot soup with the local Hunzakuts. Watch the game of kings on the highest polo ground in the world – the Shandur Top, dive into the mystic world of the Kalasha’s in Chitral. Discover the ancient kingdom of Gandhara, follow the roaring Indus River into Punjab and Sindh or ride a camel near Mohenjo-Daro.

We warmly welcome you to join us on an adventure to explore and enjoy the spectacular and fascinating landscape of our beautiful country and experience its incredible hospitality!


What our clients have to say

The Adventure Pakistan team looks forward to getting to know you! We feel very grateful for the amazing people we have been allowed to meet over the years and the special moments we have shared with them. Here are some of the messages our clients have left behind.

I met Ali during summer 2009 when I participated in an expedition under the leadership of Gerfried Göschl. We summited Nanga Parbat on a new Route -The Austro-Canadian-North-West-Route which was a highly great achievement. During the whole time of our expedition I was very pleased to have Muhammed Ali by my side. Not only the fact that he is a great guy but also his professionalism made our expedition a great one. I would always recommend Mr Muhammed Ali when going to that beautiful mountains again.

Sepp Bachmair February 28, 2015

Ali many thanks go out to you and your crew, who made our trekking to Snowlake so splendid! It was a pleasure being in Pakistan the last 4 weeks, en travel to the north of Pakistan. Seeing things we wouldnt be able to see without the help of you. Even the trip to fairy meadows was really awesome, what a views en then passing the Barbusar pass with a bus. Really amazing job my friend.

I hope to see you in the Netherlands next year, so we can catch a beer!

Henk Arends February 28, 2015


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Every year we visit different places around the globe to meet new clients and greet old friends.

Please don’t hesitate to connect with us when we are in an area near you.