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South Pakistan Jeep Safari


Pakistan is a land richly endowed with Nature’s bounty a land of mighty mountains, ancient deserts, lush-green valleys and five sparkling rivers. The landscape of Pakistan ranges from lofty mountains in the north, the Karakoram and the Himalayas, through dissected plateaus to the rich alluvial plains of the Punjab. Then follows desolate barrenness of Balochistan and the hot dry deserts of Sindh blending into miles and miles of golden beaches of Makran coast. Situated in the heart of the South Asian sub-continent, it is a country with its own fascinating history and cultural heritage. Pakistan was the site for one of the world’s earliest human settlements, the great prehistoric Indus Valley Civilization, the crucible of ancient empires, religions and cultures. Pakistan traces its history back to 2,500 years B.C. when a highly developed civilization flourished in the Indus Valley. Excavations at Harappa, Moenjodaro, Kot Diji and Mehr Garh have brought to light, the evidence of an advanced civilization existing even in more ancient times.

  • Day 01: Lahore
  • Day 02: Lahore
  • Day 03: Lahore-Multan
  • Day 04: Multan-Taunsa
  • Day 05: Boat Safari – Khar Gharbi
  • Day 06: Boat Safari – Ghazi Ghat
  • Day 07: Ghazi Ghat-Chanan Pir
  • Day 08: Camel Ride to Hilo Rani
  • Day 09: Camel Ride to Darawar Fort
  • Day 10: Darawar Fort-Uch – Mithan Kot
  • Day 11: Mithan Kot-Sukkar
  • Day 12: Sukkar-Moenjodaro-Sukkar
  • Day 13: Sukkar-Manchar Lake – Hyderabad
  • Day 14: Hyderabad-Keenjer Lake–Karachi
  • Day 15: Sightseeing
  • Day 16: Karachi – Ormara
  • Day 17: Ormara-Gwadar
  • Day 18: Gawadar-Jiwini-Sawadar
  • Day 19: Gwadar – Karachi
  • Day 20: Departure

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