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Pak Panorama Tour

Our Pak Panorama Tour shows you some of the nicest views of the north-east of Pakistan. We will visit Kachura and Sadpara, two picturesque lakes in the vicinity of Skardu, the capital town of Baltistan. Then we drive up to the Deosai National Park, this is one of the highest plateaus in the world – the average altitude is 4114m. The park is covered in wild flowers and small streams flow all over the plateau, you might be able to see some of the animals that live here like for example the Golden Marmot, the Red Fox, Himalayan Ibex and a large variety of birds.
Deosai is also a home to the Himalayan Brown Bear and when camping we will definitely try to see if we can spot one!
Shoesar Lake is one of the highest lakes in the world which we will visit before we descend down from the plateau to the lush green Astore Valley. After we have spend a night at Rama and have visited the Rama Lake we will cross the Babusar Pass and enter the Kaghan Valley, here we will enjoy the great natural beauty of the Lulusar and Saif-ul-Muluk Lakes.
  • Day 01: Islamabad – Shatial Buddhist rock carvings – Chilas
  • Day 02: Chilas – Buddhist rock carvings – Nanga Parbat viewpoint – Himalaya Karakoram Hindu Kush viewpoint – Shigar Fort – Shigar
  • Day 03: Shigar – Kachura Lake – Skardu – Sadpara Lake – Deosai Plateau Camping
  • Day 04: Deosai – Sheosar Lake – Astore Valley – Rama
  • Day 05: Rama – Rama Lake – Chilas
  • Day 06: Chilas – Babusar Pass – Kaghan Valley – Lulusar Lake – Naran
  • Day 07: Naran – Saif-ul-Muluk Lake – Shogran
  • Day 08: Shogran – Siri Paye – Balakot – Islamabad

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